Success, is an Elevator. It comes down only to take more people up:

In the initial phase (1995 – 1998), Express Lifts functioned as a maintenance-cum-manufacturing company – offering maintenance services for Lifts made by other companies, and operating its own Lift Manufacturing Division, with a marketing & servicing network covering Rajkot and Baroda. During this phase, the company had a modest manufacturing capacity of 50 lifts per annum (passenger Lifts and GOODS/FREIGHT LIFTS of 100 Kg capacity & above).

The company grew by leaps and bounds, and by 1999 – 2002, it built its own Corporate HO and a new manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad. And by then, banking on augmented capacities and techno-capabilities, its marketing network covered entire Gujarat region.

By 2010, yet another set up in Navi Mumbai has been initiated, and from 2011 onwards, the company’s marketing network started spreading out across Maharashtra (focus area: Pune), Bangalore and other South Indian cities.

Today, Express Lifts manufactures about 400 Lifts per annum, ranging from small to big passenger Lifts and GOODS/FREIGHT LIFTS of up to 5,000 kg capacity. With an annual growth rate of 30%, plus, the company holds 65% of India’s Hydraulic Lifts market. It is also the Exclusive Authorised Distributor of ‘Fermator’, the renowned Automatic Lift Doors brand.

At Express Lifts, growth is an Elevator that goes up continuously. It can pause at strategic storeys of growth, but not ever stop.