It is not in the corporate character of Express Lifts, to rest on its laurels. It believes in growth as a continuum, as a seamless string that attaches its past to the future.

Its next-decade goals include:

  • To start exporting lifts (by 2012, Express Lifts Pvt Ltd will be reborn as ‘Express Lifts Ltd’, to spearhead this activity).
  • Evolving as Gujarat’s no.1 Elevator Company in terms of Technology, Products and Services.
  • Emerging as one of India’s Top Ten Elevator Manufacturers and high-end solutions provider.
  • Creating more versions of: Hydraulic Lifts, Traction Lifts, Auto-door Lifts & MRL Lifts
  • Attaining & maintaining international standards in quality, quantity, technology, expertise, services, marketing and industrial / corporate practices.
  • Collaborating with global companies based in Germany, Italy Spain, New zealand etc., for best-in-class Lift manufacturing material (to be used in lieu of domestic material, to achieve superior strength, quality, operation and durability for Indian-made Lifts, making them on a par with global standards.)
  • Focusing on new, emergent elevator technologies such as Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts (into which Express Lifts has already ventured, recently).

At Express Lifts, the Future is an UP button that it has pushed long ago, and the ride is already on.