For home elevators specifically, one type of elevator used in dwellings of up to four floors is a pneumatic elevator, also called a vacuum elevator. This home elevator doesn't need a machine room, because it moves using a driving machine consisting of turbines that remove air from the top of the elevator car.

Important Safety Features:

• Automatically comes to the ground floor in case of a power failure during operation.
• The “Sure Stop” safety feature locks the car to stop within inches in case the pneumatic pressure fails during the operation.

Technical Data Speed : 0.15 m / seconds
No. of Stops : Upto 3
Doors : Can be in line or rotated through 90° or 180º
Power Supply : 22A, 230 volts, Single Phase
Motor Power : 3.7 KW
Size :
a) External Cylinder diameter: 933mm
b) Cabin Height : 2000 mm
Capacity : Carries upto 150 kg.