finding solutions that did not exist till then – a culture of customization:

Express Lifts has, over the years, garnered an evolved expertise in custom-designing Lifts and precision-moulding their physical and technical facets to fit client requirements and application specialities like cosy gloves.

Tailor-made solutions in Hydraulic Lifts, MRL Lifts & Auto Door Lifts: not only for commercial spaces, but also for residential edifices. Even for relatively smaller spaces, experts at Express Lifts offer innovatively designed, optimally fitting solutions. Every component is application-specific, tailor-made and techno-precise.

This – optimal client-specific customization – is in essence the USP of Express Lifts.

Express Lifts:
Special Safety Features:

  • Automatic Rescue Device
  • Full Collective System
  • Down Collective System
  • Multi Bean Door Detector
  • Over speed governor
  • FLS up & FLS down safety
  • More